Couple Freaks Out After Realizing Someone Follows Them Around The World Just To Copy Their Travel Photos

 PhotographyBy​James Gould-Bourn

When we talk about Instagram followers, we don’t mean it in the literal sense. Well, not usually anyway. But as Instagram-famous travel photographers Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen have recently discovered, two of their collective 2 million plus followers are quite literally chasing them around the world and recreating their poses wherever they go.

Not only do this mysterious couple pose in the same locations as Jack and Lauren; they also copy their composition, their clothing, and sometimes even their captions! It’s one thing to be inspired, but these guys are taking it to a whole new level. “Having a large instagram following does come with some interesting experiences,” wrote Lauren in an article on her blog recently. “But this has been by far the most odd one yet.”

More info: Jack Morris | Lauren Bullen (h/t: petapixel)#1


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Kornelia Joanna2 years ago

They should know that Greece is not the home of pizza and ice cream. Just saying.44ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#2


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Caitlyn McCracken2 years ago

Well just looking at the blatant outfit copying, and eating the stupid cherry, I already think these people are just doing some awesome trolling95ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#3


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Antonio Hernandez2 years ago

Lol #foreveralone10ReplyView more comments#4


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Rana2 years ago

wow…look at this place..10ReplyView more comments#5


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Unçle Rây2 years ago

the background hills differ8ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#6


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Daisy Woolworth2 years ago

Beautiful setting but that outfit is absolutely inappropriate for visiting a medersa31ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#7


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Alina Șmigun2 years ago

That’s a sea, not an ocean:P46ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#8


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Wendy Whitley2 years ago

I don’t understand the appeal of self-induced wedgies. Beautiful setting, though.30ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#9


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Diabell Michał2 years ago

The copies have much better contrast and colours.9ReplyView more comments#10


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Domi Koscieniewicz2 years ago

I met them in Morocco. They travel together. Haha11ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#11


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Anna Brandigi2 years ago

Pathetic… even their emojis are unoriginal2Reply#12


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domitype2 years ago

Anybody who thinks they are actually traveling together and “having us on,” look at the shrubs next to the palm tree. Totally different season!10ReplyView more comments#13


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Rob LeBlanc2 years ago

Lol. The copycats often forget their tripod. 😉24ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#14


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Katacombs2 years ago

thats reaaaaly creepy….i hope this is a joke18ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#15


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Memo Obitz2 years ago

Even the outfits are identical…5ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#16


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